During this holiday season we would like you to take a moment and reflect about a simple yet profound

question that has the ability to change lives both in our work and life. The question to consider is “what

does kindness mean to me and when was the last time I committed a random act of kindness?

Kindness can take on many forms as C. Neil Strait suggests “kindness is more than deeds. It is an

attitude, an expression, a look, a touch. It is anything that lifts another person”


Here are a few ideas to get you started changing the workplace one kind act at a time:


1. Take the time to actively listen to a colleague: When someone is seeking your input practice non-judgment

and being fully present with the conversation and the person that you talking with.

2. Leave kind notes around your work environment: Place positive messages and words of appreciation

on the water cooler, desks, computers, countertops or lockers with suggestions such as “take a

deep breath and move gently through your day” or “feel appreciated because you are!” Give a

compliment and watch it grow!

3. Help a colleague raise money for a favorite charity: Get to know what’s important to a colleague

by giving of some of your time to support their cause or helping them raise funds or conduct research

for them.

4. Give the gift of mentorship: Share your skills, knowledge and abilities with those around you by

lifting them up with your wisdom and experiences. Be proud of what you know and give it away

5. Make your managers feel appreciated: How about telling your manager that you appreciate how

he/she supports and encourages your development.

6. Extend a helping hand: Give a friendly invite to a shy or new colleague by asking them out for coffee

or lunch. Offer to switch shifts, drive Subsequent gossips of the offer December, Rational confirmed its intentions to The Rank Group Becomes The Biggest United kingdom Chain within the United kingdom After 15-several weeks of settlement The Rank Group finally complete buying of 19-casinos from Gala Barrier each year which has seen poor people climate conditions grip its growth. buy the Atlantic Club from the Colony Capital LLC proprietors at the begining of The month of january, and put on the Nj Division of Gaming Enforcement to have an interim license. a colleague home from work or walk them to the bus stop.

7. Find ways to spread enthusiasm: Find positive newspaper articles and inspirational messages and

place them on your staff bulletin boards or place great books in the lunch room

8. Be kind to yourself: Take a course you have been putting off, buy yourself a gift, nurture your

health and well-being, drink more water, visit a friend, read a book, take a well-earned vacation.

9. Contribute to the whole: Share in the’ not so’ pleasant tasks at work and if someone feels overwhelmed

ask how you can support them in their success.

10. Finds ways to celebrate: Bake a cake for a colleagues birthday and share it with everyone, create

and celebrate an annual ‘Kindness to Colleagues’ day and support committing random acts of kindness

in the workplace

11. Practice good etiquette: Demonstrate good manners in the workplace by saying’ please’ and’ thank

you’ even for the smallest tasks, our words say a lot about how we respect others. Commit to not

supporting gossip in the workplace

12. Be the change you want to see: undertake a community project by finding a need and championing

the cause


Take a step and make a difference

Olivia McIvor