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After an inspiring, informative and entertaining presentation by OLIVIAMCIVOR attendees will be filled with easy-to-apply insights and tips that will support, inspire and encourage them to make immediate changes in their lives and at work.

OLIVIAMCIVOR presentations provide a fully customized set of practical, innovative solutions you can implement along with insight into the future of business and how your people practices can support your company/team to advance forward together. She is known for her ability to empower people at all levels and to get people moving and into action in their lives and workplaces.

Whether you are an small intact group of 15 or a large conference of thousands, Olivia comes ready to inspire and provoke, regardless of the chosen topic. If you are unsure what your group needs please be confident OLIVIAMCIVOR has delivered formal keynote addresses, breakout sessions, intimate pre-conference and post conference programs, half-day and full-day change programs.  Her contagious spirit and  wise experiences are woven into each and every program.

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Types of Presentations

Celebratory: Olivia is often asked to celebrate a given group of people: nurses, doctors, healthcare workers, sales teams, managers, from all types of industries. The goal of this type of program is to empower, renew and celebrate contribution. Its powerful.

Informative: Most, if not all of Olivia’s keynotes, breakout sessions and full-day programs are chalk full of research and topic related data. Her PowerPoint’s are often a topic of positive conversation as they are interactive and full of relvant video clips that inspire and provoke conversation ( and sometimes a good laugh). She leaves people with current up-to date information carefully infused with appropriate social media that will supports positive change.

Actionable: Coming from a multitude of corporate background positions, Olivia isn’t capable of delivering feel-good-fluff. Her keynote speeches, half-day and full-day programs move and inspire people to create the necessary changes unique to them.


Values Promise:

Compassion:  I am passionate about growing the movement that spreads compassion.

Relationships:  I value all relationships, even the tough ones.

Reciprocity: I believe one positive action influences positive actions in others.

Sustainability:  I believe that long term solutions are the only type solutions.

Memorable experiences:  To deliver memorable experiences at every point of contact and services you can count on.