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Olivia’s Blog

The Business of Kindness ….

Author Bo Lozoff, leader of an organization called the Human Kindness Foundation, writes, “In the midst of global crises such as pollution, wars and famine, kindness may too easily be dismissed as a soft issue or a luxury to be addressed after more urgent problems are solved. But kindness is in the greatest of need […]

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Pushing Kindness Forward Isn’t That Difficult

Kindness is something that each person knows how to do and can appreciate across all cultures, religions, genders and age barriers.  Regardless of how independent our job description might state we are required to be, we are each still a colorful thread interwoven into the fabric of a team environment. I assume no one reading this […]

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Building Leadership Character Traits

Using kindness as driver in business, is a proactive approach aimed at enhancing the health and sustainability of the people within our organizations. The influence of a leader in creating this positive and sustainable culture cannot be underestimated. So lets be even clearer, leadership is earned. Leadership is not the right of being born into […]

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Twelve Sure Ways to Create a Kinder Workplace

During this holiday season we would like you to take a moment and reflect about a simple yet profound question that has the ability to change lives both in our work and life. The question to consider is “what does kindness mean to me and when was the last time I committed a random act […]

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We are not broken…. only different ages…

“There is a defining moment in every person’s life. Within that moment, everything that that person is shines its brightest.” – Author Unknown We all remember those defining moments in our lives—those moments when we know that something has changed—though they may not be so apparent at the time. We just know something shifted on […]

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What Different Generations Want at Work

In our Four Generations—One Workplace program, we group people together with other members of their generation. Most often there are four generations active in the workplace today—Gen X (1966-1978), Gen Y (after 1978) , Baby Boomers (1945-1965) and the Pre-Boomer (Before 1945). We ask them to talk about what they want from work and what […]

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