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Turning Compassion into Action Free PDF Book 

So, what would compassion do?

Dear friends, if you are like me right now you may be extra restless, your heart is heavier and perhaps you have some anxiety at the state of the world right now. Perhaps you are reflecting on what you can do to contribute to the seemly endless chaos going on around you. Whatever we can do, with whatever we have at our disposal in our lives and businesses we must do. My publisher and I have decided to gift my book to you free. We want to do what we can are so we are choosing to give away my 3rd book called Turning Compassion into Action: A Movement Towards Taking Responsibility as an e-book for ease of distribution. I want to spread the message that compassion and kindness in business, and as individuals, is a moral responsibility we all share. (read more)


Imagine a workplace where people treat each other respectfully, courteously and harness each other’s skills and talents to create a better work experience for everyone.
Imagine an environment where people are happy, motivated, engaged and creative and feel a deep sense of connection, passion and purpose in their roles.
I believe in demonstrating personal leadership, and I believe to influence others, we each must first consistently demonstrate compassionate leadership in order to create any sustainable change.

I start each day to do my part to change the world. I believe a speech can ignite inspiration and intention and that my training development programs can arm people with tools to put those intentions into action. Whether  at home, at work or in the community, I believe in inspiring to take positive action and to be the catalyst for change.



Radio InterviewTurning Compassion into Action”.

Olivia McIvor shares her thoughts and research on the tough side of Compassion




Olivia McIvor’s bestselling book

“Turning Compassion into Action” is used by St. Luke Catholic Learning Centre, the World’s First Compassionate Alternative High School to assist teens in moving forward… read more


Recruitment and Innovation Summit interview Olivia McIvor, closing Keynote at the Recruitment Innovation Summit. Her thought provoking and humorous keynote Four Generations, One Workplace left attendees laughing, learning and taking about change.